The Map of Kindness, The Sunbathing Journey (of the Westcoast Logos), and your Private Spa Space

The Map of Kindness

Mapping kindness in all forms and manner. The Map of Kindness is a map to kindness

a Westcoast Logos
The Sunbathing Journey

Warm sunshine and a soft breeze on the summer beach, coupled with a refreshing drink, is one of the greatest simple pleasures in life.


Four Advanced Medical Facial Treatments (w/ Super Collagen Healing Facial) Choose Any Combination from (a) One Love IPL Treatment for Full Face & Neck w/ Selfology Healing Facial OR (b) Diamond Polar Skin Tightening Treatment (30 mins)
The Selfology
Westcoast Journeys

Journeys for phenomenal views, for great air, and for finding supernatural kindness in this phenomenal Westcoast known as British Columbia today.

Westcoast Logos, where the principle of reason and judgment is associated with the animus, the good heart.
The Selfology
Family Circle
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