*For Timesaving Skincare an Overnight Mask is a Solution

Imagine, how many times have you experienced that after a busy day working with makeup on, however, before diving into your bed, you still have to take five to six steps of skin care with your exhausted soul, removing the makeup, cleansing, then applying a series of products like toner, serum, eye cream and facial moisturizer, etc. Well, in this way, night time skin care does sound complicated and overwhelming for most of us who have a busy career.
However, we don't want to skip skin care, otherwise the appearance of getting matured, the stress from study or work would all come onto our face. Therefore, a time-saver can help making the most of our bedtime while giving us a shortcut for skin care.
The Cucumber and Avocado Mask by Clayton Shagal can replace the steps after cleansing your skin. This Canada Made result-oriented overnight mask is mainly made of cucumber extracts, avocado oil, almond oil and is rich in vitamins, without harsh chemicals and toxin, which makes it gentle enough to be applied overnight on your full face and neck, including the most fragile areas - eye contours, performing visual results of calming, soothing, moisturizing, reducing fine lines and pigmentation especially ideal for normal, dehydrated and dry-rosacea skin.
Before applying, you need to cleanse your skin thoroughly (a Clayton Shagal Cleanser is recommended) and then wipe off the extra moisture on the skin. Just like applying face cream, you will take a small amount of the mask, warm it up on your palms before spreading evenly on your face and neck.
Sleeping with this silky, creamy mask with a natural, charming aroma from cucumber and avocado, every breath you breathe in, it releases all your stress by its touch to the scent. In the next morning, rinse your skin with a Clayton Shagal Cleanser and warm water, it will leave you a refreshed and radiant feeling.
Besides the mask itself,  its well-designed package - a lightweight tube in elegant light purple, and a crystal-like lid, sealing the creamy mask safely in the tube which is easy for storage. Even if you bring it with your makeup kits when travelling, you wouldn’t feel any extra spaces or weights are taken.
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這時,你需要Clayton Shagal 黃瓜鰐梨睡眠面膜來代替臉部清潔之後的保養步驟。

這款加拿大製作的睡眠面膜,專注於功效呈現,主要成分為黃瓜萃取, 鰐梨油和杏仁油,富含維他命,不含刺激性化學劑,對所有膚質都十分友好,特別是缺水肌膚跟乾性紅斑肌膚。均匀塗抹與頸部,臉部包括細膩敏感的眼周,可有效舒緩敏感泛紅肌膚,鎖水保濕,撫平乾紋,減少色素沉澱。

塗抹面膜前,要先把皮膚上的彩妝,油脂,雜質徹底清潔乾净(建議搭配使用Clayton Shagal潔面乳),然後把皮膚上多餘的水分擦乾。就像塗抹臉霜一樣,取少量面膜,在手心預熱,均匀塗抹於臉部跟頸部皮膚。

睡夢中,絲滑細膩質感的面膜輕柔地撫在你的肌膚上,伴隨著來自黃瓜鰐梨自然迷人的芳香,在你每一次呼吸中放鬆所有的壓力。第二天清晨, 配合Clayton Shagal潔面乳跟溫水清潔可以提升皮膚的清爽度和光澤感。

除了面膜本身,Clayton Shagal黃瓜鰐梨睡眠面膜還擁有高質感的包裝設計,可以很好地保持面膜的品質跟細膩的觸感,輕巧的淡紫色管狀瓶身搭配水晶狀瓶蓋,便於携帶,在使用過程中讓人賞心悅目,即使放在你的旅行化妝袋,也不會覺得占空間或增加重量。


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