Segals Solutions

A Pharmacist accidentally discovers a tribal ritual remedy that helps grow thicker, fuller & stronger hair

Hereby hangs a tale, in fact a “hair-raising” tale. It is steeped in the mystery of South Africa and has a happy ending. This story could make a real difference to your hair and your life. But first of all, lets meet Lou Segal, to whom this tale happened, and who made things happen. A pharmacist who now makes his home in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, Mr Segal had made it one of his major concerns to find a solution to the annoying problem of dandruff, hair loss & thinning hair.

Many of his clients at his pharmacy, then in Cape Town, South Africa, were afflicted by dandruff as well as hair loss & thinning hair. These hair condition is particularly prevalent in that part of the world due to the climatic conditions.