Diego Dalla Palma Soothing eye contour, anti-bags, anti-dark circles

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A fresh and delicate formulation designed to counteract dehydration, dryness, wrinkles and fine lines without creating sensations of discomfort, tingling and redness typical of the most sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers or in case of irritation of the eyelid and periocular area of ​​various origins (dermatitis, external agents, pharmacological treatments). With 3% B-CIRCADIN ™, it resynchronizes circadian rhythms and counteracts the signs of fatigue (swelling and bluish dark circles) caused by an unbalanced lifestyle, excessive exposure to blue light (smartphone, TV and PC), sleep disturbances. Fragrance free.

B-CIRCADIN ™, ProSENSE PEPTIDES, ceramide plus cpx, ectoin, vitamin E

How to use it
In the morning and in the evening, gently apply a small amount of product on the eyelids and around the eye area, tapping lightly with the fingertips from the inside out. Avoid direct contact with eyes. To further enhance the decongestant effect, keep the product 1-2 hours in the fridge before applying it.