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A Proprietary Extraction of Collagen Giving One Unique Macromolecular Proteins of Collagen

A proprietary extraction of collagen giving one unique macromolecular proteins of collagen, World's first and purest by the Clayton Shagal laboratory of Canada and Germany.

Only non-hydrolyzed acid-soluble collagen with an unaltered structure can be absorbed into the skin and initiate the production of new collagen fibrils, thus resulting in greater cutaneous elasticity.

Clayton Shagal is a Canadian manufactured skincare line with an emphasis on simplicity and effectiveness. In 1982, from scientific processes developed at their facilities in Germany, Clayton Shagal uncovered a unique extraction method to provide the skin with macromolecular proteins of collagen.

The single collagen product that started it all was the PUREST FORM OF COLLAGEN ever extracted commercially which required no injection to penetrate to the dermis level of the skin.

To this day, it remains unsurpassed in purity and uniqueness. Clayton Shagal is proud to have invested several years researching and testing the quality of each product, defining its purpose and demonstrating how a simple homogenous product line can achieve such incredible results.


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