Keratin Smooth Hair Repair Treatment w/ Real Silk Protein by Cezanne Keratin Treatment. SILK 蠶絲「角蛋白」髪質矯正

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Keratin Smooth Hair Repair Treatment w/ Real Silk Protein

by Cezanne Keratin Treatment, a “MediHair” Experience

SILK 蠶絲「角蛋白」髪質矯正


Cezanne uses Siricin, which is a natural protein produced by the Bombyx Mori silkworm. Combined with botanical extracts, vitamins and amino acids CPF protects and fortifies the hair while cementing in the keratin, which creates the smoothness.


Harsh-Chemical free, natural hair repair treatment for frizz-prone and difficult to manage damaged hair. 


Natural and Long Lasting Keratin Treatment with 'silk' protein for intensive hair repair without harsh chemicals and formaldehyde.


頭髮中含有大概85%的角蛋白,充足的角蛋白可以給頭髮帶來光澤、彈性與韌性。可一旦受到外來的傷害,就會產生空洞、表面粗糙、失去光澤以及斷裂,因此要修護受損髮,就必須補充流失的角蛋白。現在含有角蛋白的護髮產品也越來越多,在美國FDA表示蛋白確實可以修 護頭髮,但也有危害身體的可能,面對這個新的護髮聖品 ,我們應該為我們的頭髮、健康慎選!


Delivers natural-looking results by repairing and strengthening hair from the inside out. Sericin, the silk protein is the primary ingredient including a unique blend of natural botanical extracts and vitamins, protects the bonds of the hair to enhance a straighter shape and locks in smoothness making hair healthier and shinier and easy to manage. 


Our Super Relationship here Loves Her "silky" smooth hair.   
Video and Craft by Selfology



Strengthens the hair and restores bonds that are broken and damaged from mechanical and other chemical procedures like Straightening Perms, Relaxers, and Re-bonding treatments.


Dermatologically tested for low PH which does not irritate the scalp and does not release toxic fumes during the procedure which makes it very safe for both stylist and clients health concerns.


The active ingredient is Sericin, the natural silk protein produced by the Bombyx Mori silkworm, which is used by this product line, fuses tremendously well with your natural hair bonds:  Cezanne's Bombryx Mori Silkworm Protein works to strengthen and cements itself with the natural keratin protein of your hair to smooth and to seal in the cuticles - the result is as stunning on video as captured by Selfology, and how does one explain that feeling in your hands when you touch this "silky" smooth hair.   One can only imagine, or to enable the "silky" experiences at your Selfology.  


HPLC and EPA tests have proven no Formaldehyde in Cezanne smoothing treatment.


The classic Cezanne treatment can last between 3-5 months based on the client's hair type and texture and maintenance routine. Thicker coarse and curly hair may require subsequent sessions within 3-5 months to enhance the straight shape as Cezanne is a natural treatment that enhances the health of the hair without altering the structure of the hair bonds.


The softness and smoothness are noticeable from the very first session making hair easily manageable.



定期給頭髮補充「角蛋白」的必要性: 充足的蛋白質可以給我們的頭髮帶來光澤、彈性以及韌性,可一旦受到外來傷害(燙髮、染髮、永久離子直髮),就會造成頭髮蛋白質與水分流失,產生空洞,導致頭髮變得暗淡無光,枯燥,以及容易斷裂。因此要修護受損頭髮,恢復絲滑柔順的髮質,就必須補充流失的蛋白質。定期給頭發補充蛋白質,不但可以保持一頭亮麗的健康秀髮,還會給你的形象大大加分,提升個人氣質!



根據美國FDA表示,消費者應該避免使用含有甲醛染護產品,因為甲醛是一種致癌物。市面上的護髮產品數量多而讓人眼花繚亂,內含成分也是各式各樣,普通消費者難以分辨優勢,因此我們專業的髮型師團隊經過調查研究之後,為你的健康把關,我們為你選擇了Cezanne Keratin Silk Protein Treatment. 


Key Ingredients

  • Sericin: Natural Silk protein that attaches to keratin hair bonds and cements it together for straighter shape and smoothness.
  • Glycolic Acid: Glycolic Acid is widely used in anti-aging products. It fully penetrates the hair shaft, enhancing softness, improving manageability, preventing breakage, and protecting from heat.
  • Keratin: The words “keratin smoothing treatment” are often tossed about when referring to traditional smoothing treatments. However, the word “keratin” is somewhat of a misnomer, as keratin is not the actual ingredient that smooths the hair (Sericin does that!) Keratin is certainly one of the ingredients used,  it is one of the three parts required to smooth hair completely. Keratin is the strong protein in skin, hair, and nails that heals and protects. Think of it as sealing the treatment in to complete the process.