One Love IPL Treatment for Full Face & Neck with One Selfology Healing Facial

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  • AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) is an advanced Intense Pulsed Light from Alma Laser. It takes formerly unused short-wavelength light and converts it into part of the usable spectrum through a special filtering system. It increases emission and penetration, making them effective treatments. 

    AFT Pain-Free IPL (Intense Pulse Light) technology showers
    the skin with pulses of focused light that help diminish the appearance of sunspots, visible blood vessels, and other pigment irregularities.



  • OPTION A   One Love IPL Treatment for Full Face (& Neck also included) + Active Collagen Recovery Mask (Option A w/ Skin Preparation Only)                                                                  
  • OPTION B   One Love IPL Treatment for Full Face & Neck + One Selfology Healing Facial by Clayton Shagal (Option B)
    •   Deep Hydration Needleless Mesotherapy Facial
    •   Active/Live Native Collagen Recovery Facial 
    •   Deep Clean Derma Peel Facial
  •  35 - 40 mins | Couples and Singles Room


Alma Lasers  “IPL脈衝光子嫩膚” 是目前國際上最先進的、唯一可延展的、覆蓋了當今所有熱點技術的多用途醫療美容系統。該系統治療項目包括了高效嫩膚、痤瘡紅印、美白去斑、收緊提升、毛細血管擴張、面部潮紅等皮膚問題。 

AlmaLasers IPL脈衝光子嫩膚 AFT 的科技將傳統光子譜線轉化集中,輸出能量高度集中的精準光,擁有極佳的色基吸收率,較傳統光子擁有更強的選擇性,嫩膚更精準高效!高端科技的冷卻系統使治療的過程中無痛舒適!是目前國際醫療界最先進的嫩膚技術,也是激光美容市場上最新一代的高端儀器。


  • 選項 1: IPL脈衝光子嫩膚(臉部+ 頸部)療程 + 活膠原蛋白臉部修復
  • 選項 2:  IPL脈衝光子嫩膚(臉部+ 頸部)療程 + 臉部修復護理                                  

選項2 三種臉部修復護理可選擇一項:

  * IPL脈衝光子嫩膚臉部+ 頸部)療程 + 活膠原蛋白修復臉部護理

  * IPL脈衝光子嫩膚臉部+ 頸部療程 + 無針深層注水修復護理

  * IPL脈衝光子嫩膚臉部+ 頸部療程 + 聲波深層淨化角質護理




  • 選項 A | IPL脈衝光子嫩膚(臉部+ 頸部)療程+活膠原蛋白修復臉部護理

          選項 B  | IPL脈衝光子嫩膚臉部+ 頸部療程+臉部修復護理    

  •  35 - 40 mins | Couples and Singles Room

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