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 #‎Benefit #4. Seaflora Skincare offers a variety of benefits to both your skin and overall body health. #4 is its ability to correct imbalances. Seaflora face and body products are used by practitioners and estheticians to naturally treat and correct skin imbalances using the healing powers of seaweeds. The intense concentration of seaweeds in every Seaflora products corrects imbalances without damaging the delicate skin around the desired treatment area. See our FAQ’s here to learn more:


#‎Benefit#6. Seaflora Skincare offers a variety of benefits to both your skin and overall body health. #6 is our commitment to authenticity. Unlike other marine-based skincare lines, our wild, hand-harvested, certified organic seaweed is our principal ingredient. In fact, our products contain more wild seaweeds than any other skincare brand. We're especially proud that our fresh wild seaweeds are not degraded in production - retaining the exceptional elements that Seaflora the richest seaweed skincare in the world. Learn more:


#‎Benefit#5. Seaflora Skincare offers a variety of benefits to both your skin and overall body health. #5 is how Seaflora body treatments provide benefits to muscles, joints and stress which are second-to-none. For centuries, health practitioners have used the power of whole seaweeds to treat muscle, joint and stress-related issues by using seaweeds to restore the body to its healthful state. See our FAQ’s here to learn more:


Seaflora isn't just for women. Our Wild Coast line of treatments are perfect for men's specialized skin care needs. Splash Toner & Aftershave, Marine Kelp Cleanser, Marine Kelp Face Cream, Treatment Gel, and Eye Gel. Get them all here: Or find a retailer near you:


#‎Benefit#3. Seaflora Skincare offers a variety of benefits to both your skin and overall body health. #3 is the ability to delay aging. In their natural state, seaweeds contain more amino acids and essential fatty acids than any land plant. These amino and fatty acids are responsible for rebuilding and maintaining optimum levels of collagen and elasticity in the skin, making seaweeds one of mother nature’s most powerful anti-aging ingredients. Our treatments assist in the delay of aging due to the great penetration of seaweed nutrients, antioxidants, minerals and trace elements. See our FAQ’s here to learn more:




#Benefit#2. Seaflora Skincare offers a variety of benefits to both your skin and overall body health. #2 is its therapeutic and nourishing properties. The abundancy of these properties within Seaweed assist in healing skin conditions such as Excema, Psoriasis, Neurodermatitis, Rosacea and various grades of acne on the face and body. See our FAQ’s here to learn more:


Seaflora Skincare offers a variety of benefits to both your skin and overall body health. First is its suitability for all skin types. With the healing power of seaweeds, our products have been strategically formulated to heal, restore and replenish the cellular structure of the skin. These formulations treat and heal all skin types and a wide variety of skin conditions. Read more about our amazing products here:



The Lush Green (Chlorophyta) Seaweeds get their characteristic forest-green colour from two high quality chlorophylls, A and B. Green seaweeds are astringent, protective, oxygenating, cleansing and anti-aging. They are also purifying, toning, clarifying and cooling. In addition to these and many other benefits, they are currently being researched for their Sun Protection Factor.


Rhodophyta, or the Vital Red Seeweeds, are abundant in our wild harvesting areas. Their distinctive colour is due to the pigment Phycoerythrin. Just as seeweed’s mucilage-like components keep the seaweed from drying out when exposed to low tide and harsh conditions, these seeweeds can protect your skin from becoming dehydrated by locking in moisture.


Seaflora's skincare line is as pure and healthy as it gets, especially when it comes to anti aging. The high concentrations of Vitamins A and C in our lush green seaweeds promote collagen and elastin production while the chlorophyll content helps prevent wrinkles, and increases protein synthesis and cell generation.


Seaweeds are unique life forms and are only found along our continental coastlines. Compared to land plants, (fruits and vegetables), seaweeds have a richer source of vitamins, minerals and salts, higher levels of vitamins A,E,C and folic acid plus higher quality B-complex vitamins including B12. They also have natural iodine in higher amounts, and unique compounds of laminarin, alginate and fucoidan.

Powerful ocean movements collect mud just off our shore in the intertidal areas, where we recover and gently prepare it. Certified organic, our hand-harvested ocean mud is nature’s perfect sphere, making it the perfect exfoliator for our skin. It also efficiently retains moisture and heat, while favouring the passage of minerals into the body. Seaflora incorporates marine ocean mud in facial and body exfoliators to help cleanse skin, remove dirt, purify and detoxify skin.


The Great Brown Kelps (Phaeophyta seaweeds) here on the outer coast of Canada are giants! They flourish along our coastline to trap and manufacture vitamins, minerals, proteins, and essential aminio acids. They recharge the body with minerals while encouraging perspiration to stimulate metabolism. Plus, they make a nice place for some animals to 'hang out'.


Seaweeds are exceptionally rich in trace minerals. As seaweeds are bathed in mineral-rich ocean water, they contain more than 60 minerals, making seaweed the most highly mineralized plan forms on earth. In Seaweeds, minerals are absorbed directly from the ocean in their ionic form and are ideal for replenishing essential minerals and detoxifying your body.


Physiologically, the ocean contains all the necessary substances for human survival. There is a natural connection between ocean water and human body fluids as is evident in the saltiness of our tears, blood and perspiration. The mineral elements of ocean water exist in almost exact proportion to that of our human biological internal fluids.


Ever wonder what types of seaweed is harvested fresh for our Seaflora premium skincare line? Iridaea, or Rainbow Seaweed is used in a great many of our products for it's rich amount of beta-carotene, protein, trace minerals and essential fatty acids. It renews tissue by increasing fluidity of cellular membranes and is a natural skin brightener, protectant and deep hydrator. Plus, it clears complexion with naturally occurring anti-aging properties. 


Treat tired eyes to some relief! This gentle, nutrient-rich serum helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the delicate tissues surrounding the eyes and mouth. It will improve the look of elasticity & smoothness.


Have you noticed that seaweed still has a wet glossy sheen to it even when the tide has gone out and left it stranded on the beach? This is because the mucilage in seaweed plays an important role in the storage of water and food - and in the same way, it locks in moisture and nutrition and protects your skin from damage and dehydration. This is just one of the many benefits that make Seaflora's skincare products so powerfully effective. heart emoticon Seaflora!


Is there anything sexier than a man covered in mud? We think not! Our nutrient-rich certified organic seaweed, blended with Canadian glacial clay, is a great gift for him, too. 


Current research indicates whole seaweed fibre being the key to its contribution to our improved health. Seaflora is the only skincare company in the world that keeps the fibre in, maintaining the vitamins, minerals, unique compounds and trace elements. We work with the whole seaweed and very gently prepare it to retain all of the exceptional elements contained deep within the plant. The results are exceptional - Seaflora's line of seaweed skincare provides superior hydration and re-mineralizing of your face and body.


Ladies... does your man care about how he looks and feels? Are you tired of sharing your beauty products with him? Seaflora has a specialty line of pure, nutrient-rich, organic seaweed skincare formulated just for him. Thalassotherapy (thah-la-so-therapy), derived from the greek word meaning sea, or ocean, is “the notion of going to the ocean for good health...” For thousands of years, the ocean has been a powerful life source for humanity and a key to health, beauty and relaxation. Ocean-based health therapies for body and soul have been developed to treat rheumatism, arthritis, joint troubles and injuries, as well as to promote beauty, target anti-aging and other skin treatment therapies.


He's got skin in the game, too! He works out, eats right and cares about how he looks and feels. Seaflora has a specialty line of pure, nutrient-rich, organic seaweed skincare formulated just for him.

Seaflora's Wild Sea Kelp Body Lotion is a soothing, fragrance-free moisturizing body lotion formulated with nutrient rich wild seaweeds and natural oils to supplement skin's moisture balance, revitalize stressed skin and promote a soft, youthful appearance.Suitable for all skin types, especially damaged and sensitive. LUXURIOUS and for everyday use!


We can't think of anything more rewarding than regular, at-home Thalassotherapy for infusing aging or sensitive skin with mineral-rich seaweeds from Seaflora's line of exfoliators, detoxifiers, mud, cleansers and serums. Revered by spa professionals around the world for boasting up to 80% pure organic seaweed, Seaflora is quite simply the finest skin and body care from the world's purest source. 


Few substances on earth can come close to great brown kelps for their natural healing properties. The Pacific kelps used in Seaflora's skincare products are the most highly mineralized plants on earth. They accumulate minerals directly from the ocean and concentrate them within their plant structures. These kelps provide colloidal minerals that detoxify, antioxidize, nourish and stimulate the skin. Even more, they are antibacterial, antiviral and age inhibiting - helping to heal, revitalize and rehydrate damaged skin. 






Expecting a new addition to your family? Congratulations! Safe, effective skincare during pregnancy is essential and we’re here to help. Seaflora Skincare products are either made with Certified Organic or Food Grade ingredients, which are detailed on our labels.  Some of our products are also made with Organic Essential Oils, such as lavender..













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